Speakers play the most vital role at NEXT University; they are the engines that keep the program turning. We highly value our speakers and work with them on a long term relationship basis.

Interested in delivering a masterclass on a NEXT University module? Below you will find information about our values, requirements for materials and student engagement, and of course your benefits.
NEXT University Speakers
Values and Requirements for Speakers
Experience Requirements
Our teachers are industry leaders with extensive experience currently working or have worked with globally recognized brands. We conduct a thorough selection and ensure that they check all the boxes in order to deliver relevant, innovative and practical information to our students.
We actively search for members from senior management in globally reputable companies and brands for cooperation. Brands with track records of success, innovation, best practices and a long history of interaction with consumers.

The quality of our teachers must reflect professionalism and a possession of relevant and trendy information.

We believe our teachers must practice what they teach; experience is the best teacher after all. Teachers must have worked in various capacities in their area of specialty and therefore possess a first-hand understanding of industrial practices.

Traditional programs are usually theoretical, hence leaving a huge disconnect from reality; this is why we insist on teachers with experience that can relate with students and share practical information using real-life cases.
Requirements for presentation materials
Our Quality Assurance department carefully reviews the proposed content to be shared by the teachers and gives constructive feedback.
Here is some basic information to help you get prepared:

The lecture. It lasts for 50 minutes plus a 25 minutes Q&A session right after.

Assignments. When the lecture ends, we give our students assignments from the lecturer to enable them apply the strategies and tools from the session using case studies. These should be ready before the lecture begins.

Pre-readings. These could be articles, books, or videos that should help students get well-prepared for your presentation.

Slide deck template: link

Requirements for the lecture materials
Our students receive only relevant and professional content. It is important for us that the knowledge you share is unique, relevant and effective. Content should be informational, have CTAs and conclusions, show case studies and tools to be used in solving problems.

Today, everyone can find almost everything on the Internet and for free, which is why we are looking for practicing teachers with proven work experience.
Requirements for interaction with students
After each lecture, we have a Q&A session lasting 25 minutes. Students ask teachers questions about the lecture and related topics. A host will be working with you directly to voice the most interesting of them - you don’t have to read the chat and pick the questions yourself.

Please make sure you are using a good quality microphone and camera, have a stable internet connection, and are free of any background noise. Before your performance, we will run tests to make sure everything goes well.

We want students to receive only useful content related to our program. Advertising of your consultations, services, books and other materials will be strictly moderated by the quality department.

Promotional materials
In order to promote your lecture, we need a high-quality photo without foreign objects, a short and a long bio, as well as a list of key takeaways that students will get from your presentation.

We will be happy to publish your video invitation on our website and social networks, as well as publish a photo with information about the lecture and a story about your professional experience.

We also ask all our speakers to publish information about the upcoming event on their pages; this creates trust and attracts new audiences!
We realize that teachers invest time, energy and resources in creating these masterclasses and we are thankful for the effort and passion.

We appreciate speakers by creating free accounts and granting them access to all our programs, issuing keynote speaker certificates in recognition of the outstanding contribution, and a financial token for services rendered. The NEXT MBA Platform is huge; we possess top management from all the leading organizations represented in our program. Teachers usually get a lot of connections and engagements after coming up on our sessions.
Share your knowledge, be the NEXT Teacher
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